July 30, 2017

Anglian Water Phone Numbers: Customer Service, Emergencies, Water Supply and Sewerage, Report a Leak, Bill Payment, Language, Minicom, Bogus callers, Meter Installation, Builders/Developers, Hartlepool Water

 Anglian Water Department  UK Contact Numbers
 Billing and General Enqueries  0345 791 9155
 Water Supply and Sewerage Service Queries  and Emergencies  0345 714 5145
 Report a Leak  0800 771 881
 Make a Payment  0800 169 3630
 Automated Bill Payment  0345 026 8926
 Language Line  0345 791 9155
 Minicom  0800 917 5901
 Bogus Caller Helpline  0800 145 145
 Meter Installation Helpline  0345 850 5852
 Builders & Developers  0345 606 6087
 Hartlepool Water  0142 985 8050

Anglian Water Billing and General Enquiries 0345 791 9155

Anglian Water Billing and General Enquiries contact number is 0345 791 9155. The Anglian Water Customer Service number is available Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Dial the number to learn more about Anglian Water energy support and savings in your area. In case you are having an Anglian Water login issues, give them a call using the above number.

Likewise, customers can contact Anglian Water online by writing an email to If you want to apply for Anglian Water job opportunities, please send your application using the above email. In addition, all comments and queries can be addressed to the postal address:

Anglian Water
Customer Services
PO Box 10642
CM20 9HA

Water Supply and Sewerage Service Queries  and Emergencies 0345 714 5145

Anglian Water supply and sewerage service queries and emergencies contact number is 0345 714 5145. The Anglian Water phone number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week thus ensuring your emergencies are dealt with as soon as possible. Customers can use the number to inquire about water services cut off or to report an Anglian Water sewage connection burst on their property. Further more, you should also contact this helpline to request the water supply and sewerage system around your home when making an extension- to avoid damage. Find more details on burst house pipes on the Anglian Water Supply services.

Anglian Water Report a Leak Free Number 0800 771 881

Anglian Water report a leak free number is 0800 771 881. This contact is free from all landlines and mobile and is available 24 hrs, seven days a week. Call the care line as soon as possible in case of a leak and the number can be used in any Anglian Water Supply area.

Likewise, Anglian Water report blocked drain and Anglian Water report low-pressure services can be found online. Have access to an Anglian Water region map and help identify any leak. You may be required to report Anglian Water leaks area and provide personal information in case of further assistance.

Anglian Water Make a Payment Free Number 0800 169 3630

Anglian Water make a payment free number is 0800 169 3630. Dial this number to speak an Anglian Water advisor in case you are struggling to make payments. You can get in touch with Anglian Water customer care specialist on the above number to pay bills using your credit card or use a secure online form. To manage your billing payments online, log in to e-billing for free.  Also, customers can also make Anglian Water bill enquiries through the helpline. Make your call between 8 am to 8 pm on Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday and let the Anglian Water specialist knowledge of your payment difficulties.

Anglian Water Automated Bill Payment 0345 026 8926

Anglian Water automated bill payment contact number is 0345 026 8926. This number is available 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. If you have queries regarding the Anglian Waters card payments option, direct them to a representative through the number. The number also come in handy in case you intend to pay Anglian Water bill in credit.

Anglian Water Language Line 0345 791 9155

Anglian Water Language contact number is 0345 791 9155. This line is available during the normal working hours. Customers should ring the helpline if they don’t converse or understand English properly and request a language line that they can converse well in. A representative will have Anglian Water bill explained in a language that you will easily understand.

Have queries related to Anglian Water moving home? Get in touch through the above Anglian Water contact and a representative will instruct you on how to transfer and provide areas that a transfer is not possible.

Anglian Water Minicom Free Number 0800 917 5901

Anglian Water Minicom free number is 0800 917 5901. The Anglian Water text number is available 24 hrs every day and can be used by customers with hearing or speech impairment. Likewise, this helpline is available to customers who need extra care.

If you have a minicom unit, dial the free number, and a machine will talk to you through a special installed keyboard. Also, if by any chance you want to cancel your contract through text, you can use the Anglian Water contact shown here.

Anglian Water Bogus Caller Free Number 0800 145 145

Anglian Water Bogus Caller free number is 0800 145 145. Ring this line in case you need to confirm the identity of someone knocking at the door claiming to work for the company. Unfortunately, there are scammers of this utility company who just want to gain access to your house and steal valuables. So, use the helpline to learn about the employee and even confirm the ID. In case it’s a real Anglian Water employee, he/she will wait patiently for you to double check the identity as they are aware of the procedures. If the employee never shows up you can use this number to complain about an Anglian Water employee absence appointment.

Anglian Water Meter Installation Helpline  0345 850 5852

Anglian Water  Meter Installation Helpline contact number is 0345 850 5852. Call this phone number if you need the following services:

  • To apply for Anglian Water meter
  • Cancel from metered water to unmetered water
  • Anglian Water meter readings
  • Anglian Water replacement service

This line is also available in case you want to reschedule an appointment with an engineer or if you need assistance on how to save on meter installations. Alternatively, find out when the water saving programme is being introduced to your neighbourhood online.

Anglian Water Builders & Developers 0345 606 6087

Anglian Water Builders & Developers contact number is 0345 606 6087. Dial the helpline if you are a builder or a developer who need to apply water installation on a new property. Customers who have queries on the sewerage cover or would like to change the drainage system, talk to a technician through the above helpline. The line is available from 9 am to 4.30 pm on Monday to Thursday, and 9 am to 4 pm on Friday.

In case there are delayed projects, use the helpline to report. Alternatively, send an email to . Likewise, you can also visit the builders & developer sites and fill an online form.

Halterpool Water Contact 0142 985 8050

Halterpool Water contact number is 0142 985 8050. Anglian Water has established cooperate responsibilities with Halterpool water to ensure customers receive flexible approaches to water solutions. If you are having issues with Anglian Water my account, just give them a call on the above helpline. Note that calls to this line should be made by customers leaving in the Halterpool area only.

In case you have queries related to the Halter Gas and Water company, direct them to the above helpline. The above hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5 pm, excluding the public holidays. More details can be found on the Halterpool Water official site.

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