December 19, 2017

Centrica Energy Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Shareholders, Investors, Career, Graduate Team, Switchboard, Press Office

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Centrica Department Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0800 294 9650
Shareholders UK 0371 384 2985
Shareholders Overseas +44 121 415 7061
Shareholders Textphone 0371 384 2255
Investor Relations 0175 349 4900
Investor Relations Fax 0175 349 4909
Career 0800 032 7013
Graduate Team 0163 527 9819
Switchboard 0175 349 4000
Press Office 0178 484 3000

Centrica Energy Customer Service Free Number 0800 294 9650

Centrica Energy Customer Service Free Number is 0800 294 9650. If you have general enquiries regarding the Centrica, get in touch with the support team on the above number. The Centrica Energy helpline is free to use for all UK customers. Centrica Energy offers wide opportunities across the UK that help the customers to save time and money. Want to learn more about the company? Do you wish to inquire more about the charges? Use the free number provided above and get in touch with the Centrica Energy support number team 0800 294 9650. You can also use Centrica Energy phone number if you have a complaint or if you want them to improve the services they offer. The company has invested so much in customer service and tracks all complaints across the UK and ensure they act as soon as possible.

If you prefer writing an email kindly address your queries by writing to Centrica Energy customer service address To show your writing skills, you can draft a letter and send to Centrica Plc registered office. Please remember to add personal details such as name and address to make it easy to respond to your queries.

Centrica plc
Maidenhead Road
United Kingdom

Centrica Energy Shareholders UK 0371 384 2985

Centrica Energy Shareholders UK contact number is 0371 384 2985. The line is available to call from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. They remain closed on Weekend and during the national bank holiday. If you are an investor and want to request annual reports of the company, this is helpline to dial. Centrica’s registrar Equiniti are responsible for controlling the above helpline for shareholding enquiries. Centrica Energy also has a team of representative that responds to all queries directed to the company via email and letters. To change your name contact Equiniti Financial Services through writing and sending your queries by post. Use the address provided below.

If you are a sole shareholder with 2,500 shares or less, you can change your address by dialling the Centrica Energy phone number above. Likewise, you can change your address online. Visit Equiniti’s website, download and complete a change of address form.

Contacting the Registrar

Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA
United Kingdom


FlexiShare Contacts

Shareholder helpline
Equiniti Financial Services Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

Centrica Energy Shareholders Overseas +44 121 415 7061

Centrica Energy shareholders overseas number is +44 121 415 7061. This abroad contact number should be used by international shareholders who have enquiries regarding the shareholding. To speak to a representative, you have to make the call between 8.30am to 5.30pm UK time from Monday to Friday. The Centrica Energy shareholder centre is ready to advise you and help save both time and money. Also, they will ensure you receive your dividends on time, irrespective of the country or state you are calling from.

Centrica Energy Shareholders Textphone 0371 384 2255

Centrica Energy shareholders textphone number is 0371 384 2255. If you have hearing or speech difficulties, write a text message and send to the above helpline. Kindly remember to write each and every detail of your request while contacting the Centrica energy customer care. Furthermore, you can contact Centrica Energy by email.

Alternatively, before using the above Centrica Energy shareholders number,  check the Shareholder FAQs section. I advise you to always visit this page first as you may find all answers to your query. If, however, you don’t find a solution here, proceed to contact the Centrica Energy support team.

Centrica Energy Investor Relations 0175 349 4900

Centrica Energy investor relations phone number is 0175 349 4900, operational from on Weekdays and that is from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. They remained closed on Weekends and during the England and Wales holiday. This line should be used by companies or individuals who want to invest in the company.

If you prefer writing, send an email to Clearly, outline your request while writing the mail and remember to add details that will make it easy for the support team to contact you.

Centrica Energy Investor Relations Fax 0175 349 4909

Centrica Energy investor relations fax number is 0175 349 4909. If you would like to share documents via fax machine, use the Centrica Fax Number above. The team is always dedicated and always searching for a new business to work with. Customers can also use the Fax line to request for Centrica energy quote. Please remember to make the right timing while using the number. It is also important that you read the terms and conditions before you proceed using the Fax number.

Centrica Energy Graduate team 0163 527 9819

Centrica Energy graduate team contact number is 0163 527 9819. If you are a graduate looking for an opportunity working for the company, dial the above helpline. The line is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm. Furthermore, you can send your queries or applications by emailing

Before you go calling or writing, I recommend you visit the Graduate FAQs section where they have responded to most of the commonly asked questions. Also, you can contact them via social platforms such as Facebook or tweet them @centricagrads.

Centrica Energy Career Free Number 0800 032 7013

Centrica Energy career free number is 0800 032 7013. If you are an employee or an ex-employee, this helpline will connect you straight Centrica Human Resources where you will have all your queries answered. The Centrica Energy contact energy is free to call from landlines and mobiles in the UK. Also, it is important to note that the line is available to call from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Centrica Energy advertises job opportunities on their career page. The best method you can apply for Centrica careers is online. However, if you prefer, you can sign up for newsfeed. Provide your email address and they will send you regular job opportunities directly to your inbox.

Before you make your calls or start writing to Centrica Energy customer care, please look at frequently asked questions page where they have responded to most of the commonly asked questions. Some of the questions answered include Centrica online recruitment process, such as applying for a job online and what to do if the role you are looking for is not available.

If you prefer, you can always write an email and send to Through this method, remember to add your personal details such as phone number for an easy response. The customer service will be able to respond to all recruitment related queries that are sent via email.

Contact Centrica Energy Corporate Citizenship Team

If you would like more details on how to become a successful business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team. They will advise and provide you with an approach to becoming a responsible business. You can send an email to or visit Centrica responsibility webpage for more details.

Centrica Energy Switchboard 0163 527 9819

Centrica Switchboard contact number is 0163 527 9819. If you have queries that you want to be addressed by the company head office, kindly contact the switchboard telephone number above. The line is available Monday through to Sunday day and night. The line provides operator contact when requested for various departments within the premises. You can also call the contact the switchboard line during the out of hours operation. Have in mind that your call may be recorded for future reference.

Centrica Energy Press Office

Centrica Energy press office contact number is 0178 484 3000. You can ring this number if you want to get in touch with Centrica Energy media relations team. The numbers come in handy if you are a journalist looking for more details about the company or if you want to share your story. Use this number for media related queries only. If you have other general enquiries, use the contact provided above.

You can also request Centrica Energy media team to send you updates via email. Send your request to or Alternatively, you can contact them on social platforms using the links provided below.

Contact Centrica Energy Social Media

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