September 11, 2017

Drax Power Phone Numbers: Customer Service, Investor Relations, Registrar, Media

Drax Power Departments Contact Number
Customer Service  0175 761 8381
Investor Relations  0175 761 2491
Registrar  0871 384 2030 
Media  0752 559 0271
Communications  0175 761 2026
Careers  0175 761 2546

Drax Power Customer Service 0175 761 8381

Drax Power customer service contact number is 0175 761 8381. Customers of Drax Power with enquiries regarding their products and services can call the helpline provided. You can ask for assistance using this number if you are having issues accessing the content of the site. Get in touch if you prefer sending your concerns online by filling up the Drax Power contact enquiry form on their website. You may also write a letter to their registered office:

Drax Power Station
North Yorkshire

Drax Power provide tours to see their biomass dome, train hall, cooling tower, turbine hall, control room and a lot more. You can arrange the tour by filling up the Drax Power visit us form. A representative of Drax Power will contact you directly. If you are having problems with the application process or the representative hasn’t called you yet, get in touch by calling this number.

Drax Power Investor Relations 0175 761 2491

Drax Power investor relations contact number is 0175 761 2491. If you have plans of being a potential investor of Drax Group Plc., talk to Mark Strafford, the investor relations manager. Contact Mark through email to this address: The list of frequently asked questions and answers for anyone interested in being an investor are listed on the website.  If there are still questions after going through the list, talk to a representative from Drax Power by calling this number. You may know the value of your shares by using the Drax Power share price calculator.

Drax Power Registrar 0871 384 2030

Drax Power registrar contact number is 0871 384 2030. Potential investors who would like to talk with the company’s registrars can get in touch by dialling the Drax Power energy support number provided for calls within the UK. International investors can get in touch through 0121 415 7047. Send your concerns through the post to this address:

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

Drax Power Media 0752 559 0271

Drax Power media contact number is 0752 559 0271. For more information on Drax Group, press releases contact Jessica Gorton, the press officer. You can also talk with her by calling her on 1757 612 848. Send mail online to Jessica through this email address: The images and multimedia of Drax Power can be accessed on their website. Multimedia contains films, B-rolls and animations. You can use them for news-related articles, but not for commercial purposes. If you plan to have modifications to such content, get authorization before publication from the head of media using this number. Get more information on how to use the images and multimedia by reading the Drax Power terms of use on the website.

Drax Power Communications 0175 761 2026

Drax Power communications contact number is 0175 761 2026. If you are having problems connecting to customer service, you are also given the option to ask for assistance using this number. You will be directed to Paul Hodgson, head of communications. If you wish to communicate with Paul through email, send it to this address:

If you wish to be updated on REMIT information in relation to Drax Power energy support station generating units, add this link to your feed reader.  Assistance can be provided if you are having problems setting up your feed reader by calling this number.

Drax Power Careers 00175 761 2546

Drax Power careers contact number is 0175 761 2546. Call this helpline if are considering working for Drax Power. Know what jobs are available by checking on Drax Power current vacancies website. You can simply apply online by making an account on the website. Accounts will be deleted after six months of no use and reactivation would require you to call this helpline. If you are having problems with the application process contact the recruitment team. Recruitment agencies who would like the opportunity to work with Drax Power can also get in touch. Provide a brief overview of your agency, the area you are specialising in, and contact details. Send all your concerns online by sending it to the email:

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