December 4, 2017

Energetics Phone Numbers: Customer Service, Electricity Emergency, Gas Emergency, Utility Connections, Asset Management Team

Energetics Department Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0330 058 7400
Electricity Emergency 0800 804 8688
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Utility Connections 0845 463 6623
Asset Management Team 0169 840 4646
Asset Management team Out of Office Hours 0800 804 8688

Energetics Customer Service 0330 058 7400

Energetics Customer Service phone number is 0330 058 7400. Dial the Energetics phone number if you have enquiries on gas, electricity and water connections. The phone number is available to all residents in the UK. Other services that can be answered on this line include:

  • Energetics smart meter installation
  • For water and gas connection queries
  • Issues with Energetics online account
  • Energetics media enquiries
  • For questions related to billing and gas deliveries

The Energetics helpline is open to call from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. If you are unable to connect to the Energetics customer service using the above helpline, you can take advantage and get in touch with them online. Visit Energetics contact us page and use the submit enquiry page. A pop-up page will appear where you will be required to fill in the details asked accurately and send it to them.

Likewise, get in touch with Energetics customer care by sending an email to Please remember to include personal details and make it easy for them to send a response.

If you prefer to send your request through the old-fashioned method of letter writing, address it to:

Fenick House
Lister Way
Hamilton International Technology Park
G72 0FT

Energetics Electricity Emergency Free Number 0800 804 8688

Energetics electricity emergency free contact number is 0800 804 8688. The Energetic hotline is available to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of a power cut or interruption, simply dial the Energetics emergency number provided above. The line is free from Mobile and landline.

Alternatively, if your experience an Energetic power cut off or want to report an electricity emergency, you can use the National emergency Freephone number 105. Even if you think that your neighbours have reported the power shortage, always confirm with the Energetics energy support team 0800 804 8688 and be safe. Have in mind that Energetics customer service does not know automatically if there is a loss of power; thus they may ask for your detail so that once they reach the region with the fault, they may confirm with you. The emergency number 105 is a free line for people in Wales, Scotland and England and you can call from either a mobile or landline.

For further advice on how to deal with Energetics power interruption, visit Energetics electricity emergency page.

Energetics Gas Emergency Free Number 0800 111 999

Energetics gas emergency free number is 0800 111 999. This helpline is available to call anytime, at night and during the day. For Energetics report a gas leak or any other gas emergency, get in touch with Energetic customer service team as soon as possible. You will have to provide contact details so as the engineer can be dispatched to the faulty area as quickly as possible. Please have in mind that the phone number is a national emergency hotline that is managed by National Power Grid. The free phone number also comes in handy if you have to call the Energetics energy support free number 0800 804 8688 for damaged equipment.

For any gas emergencies, this is the hotline to use. If it happens that you require priority service, it is essential to inform the call handlers. More details are available on Energetics gas emergency page.

Energetics Utility Connection Networks 0845 463 6623

Energetics Utility connection networks contact number is 0845 463 6623. This Energetic telephone number is available to call any time of the day, seven days a week. Use the phone number if you need to connect with the Energetics energy support contact number 0845 463 6623 if you have maintenance issues. For Energetics metering support, contact the helpline number above speak to a representative. Other services available through this helpline include:

  • Energetics connections and competition services
  • Solutions on electricity new connection market
  • Queries related to gas and water connections

Energetics customer service is always ready to answer questions on competition on the network market. Whether you are a new customer who wants to join the company or an existing customer with a general interest in utility market, call the helpline above. Alternatively, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for a ready answer. If you don’t find an answer you are looking for, you can send the request using the email provided above.

Energetics Asset Management Team 0169 840 4646

Energetics Asset Management Team phone number is 0169 840 4646. If you want to dig or excavate an area, it is always wise to contact the Energetics help desk first. The company has networks connection across the UK, where some are ongoing developments. This helpline is available to call from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Alternatively, you can request for records that show equipment, cables and Energetics pipes through email. It is important that you present to them the proposed work and the coordinates where you want to excavate. Energetics contact email to use is

Likewise, you can send your request to the asset management team via post:

Records Request
Fenick House
Lister Way
Hamilton International Technology Park
G72 0FT

Energetics Asset Management team Out of Hours free Number 0800 804 8688

Energetics Asset Management team Out of Hours free Number 0800 804 8688. Dial this number if you want to talk to the Energetics team out of office hours. The line is available 24/7 and should be used in case of emergencies. Besides, if you are in doubt of any individual who is knocking at the door, kindly use this phone number to confirm their identity.

If you prefer, you can always leave a message during their out of office hours. To do so, please visit Energetics contact us page or send them an email to the Energetics email provided above.

Energetics Regional Contact Information

Energetics also have regional offices in the UK. If you can connect to their nearby offices during the regular hours. Please have in mind that each office has it opening hours which can be confirmed by calling the Energetics Phone numbers below. More regional contact information can be found online.


Housing & Mixed Use Phone number email
Sales 0330 058 7411
Design 0330 058 7421
Delivery 0330 058 7431
High Rise & Commercial
Sales 0330 058 7416
Design 0330 058 7426
Delivery 0330 058 7436


Housing & Mixed Use Phone Number email
Sales 0330 058 7412
Design 0330 058 7422
Delivery 0330 058 7432
High Rise & Commercial
Sales 0330 058 7417
Design 0330 058 7427
Delivery 0330 058 7437


Housing & Mixed Use Phone Number email
Sales 0330 058 7413
Design 0330 058 7423
Delivery 0330 058 7433
High Rise & Commercial
Sales 0330 058 7418
Design 0330 058 7428
Delivery 0330 058 7438


Housing & Mixed Use  Phone Number email
Sales 0330 058 7414
Design 0330 058 7424
Delivery 0330 058 7434
High Rise & Commercial
Sales 0330 058 7419
Design 0330 058 7429
Delivery 0330 058 7439

Energetics Electricity Charging Documentation

Are you looking for electricity charge documentation? Get in touch with the support team who are always ready to assist. Energetics has a charging system that every customer must comply with. The charging documentation is available for downloading online at Energetics Electricity Charging Documentation page. If you don’t get the information you are looking for, you can contact Energetics asset team by sending an email to

Energetics Gas Charging Documentation

Energetics gas regulations documents are available for customers who need them. In case you have an enquiry, dial the Energetics customer service number for assistance. Should you require more details on the same, please be free to send an email to and the gas asset team will get back to you.

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