July 25, 2017

EON Energy Phone Numbers: Complaints, Smart Meter, Moving Home, Prepayment, Deaf, PAYG, Business, Electricity, Gas, Braille, Emergencies

EON Energy Departments Contact Number
Complaints and General Enquiries  0345 052 0000
Smart Meter Account  0345 366 5973
Moving Home  0345 303 3020
Prepayment Customer  0345 303 3040
Moving Home Smart Meter  0345 366 5976
Minicom Deaf Customer  0800 056 6560
Smart Pay As You Go  0345 366 5996
Business Enquiries  0333 202 4586
Electricity Emergency  105
National Gas Emergency Line  0800 111 999
Gas Boiler Problems  0800 051 1470
Gas Prepayment Meter  0345 300 8144
Supplier Change Prepayment Meter  0345 302 3473
Supplier Change Credit Meter  0345 301 4905
Payments, Meter Readings, and Questions About Bills  0345 059 9905
Braille Letters and Bills  0333 202 4762
International Callers  +44 115 843 4373
Bill Payment  0345 301 5882
Security  0800 032 2409

EON Energy Complaints and General Enquiries 0345 052 0000

EON Energy complaints and general enquiries contact number is 0345 052 0000. The EON Energy complaints procedure is simple and can begin by making a short phone call. While you can read more about it on the EON Energy complaint website, most customers of EON Energy who are not satisfied with the service can contact this helpline to report immediately. You can also file a formal EON Energy complaint online form. Whatever you need to say, it can be about your complaints such as overcharged bills or decisions to leave. You also have another option to write and send a post to the address too:

Customer Service Centre
E.ON, PO Box 7750
Nottingham NG1 6WR

EON Energy Smart Meter Account 0345 366 5973

EON Energy smart meter account contact number is 0345 366 5973. If you are having problems with your smart meter account or youu have questions about the service use this number to be addressed. The EON smart meter energy display will only provide so much information for users. Call this EON energy phone number to get a better sense of what you are paying when the EON smart meter not connecting is a problem for you.

EON Energy Moving Home 0345 303 3020

EON Energy moving home contact number is 0345 303 3020. To make moving home easier, call this helpline for assistance. You can also go online and download the EON Energy moving home form. EON Energy moving abroad services must be handled by calling this contact number first. A representative will walk you through all the steps needed for EON Energy moving meter readings before closing an account.

EON Energy Prepayment Customer 0345 303 3040

EON Energy Prepayment Customer contact number is 0345 303 3040. Prepayment customers of EON energy with meters at their home can use this number for more information. If you plan to move, call this number and fill out EON Energy online form for prepayment customers.

EON Energy Moving Home Smart Meter Account 0345 366 5996

EON Energy Moving Home Smart Meter Account contact number is 0345 366 5996. If you are moving home and you want to set up a smart meter account into the new place, call this number. You can also use this helpline if you wish to change your prepayment meter into a credit meter.

EON Energy Minicom Deaf Customer Free Number 0800 056 6560

EON Energy Minicom deaf customer free number is 0800 056 6560. EON Energy customers that are deaf or have hearing loss can be assisted by calling this number free of charge. If you prefer using the internet, you can send mail to the address:

EON Energy Smart Pay As You Go 0345 366 5996

EON Energy smart pay as you go contact number is 0345 366 5996. If you decide on having to pay your bills via smart as you go or you have questions about the service, you can use this helpline to be accommodated.

EON Energy Electricity Emergency 105

EON Energy electricity emergency contact number is 105, available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Damaged power lines or underground cables, and power cuts can be reported by calling this emergency number.

EON Energy National Gas Emergency Line Free Number 0800 111 999

EON Energy national gas emergency line free number is 0800 111 999, available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.  Suspected gas leaks can be reported through this number for assistance on what to do to stay safe. You can also use this helpline when there are problems with the gas supply and none of your gas appliances is working.

EON Energy Gas Boiler Problems Free Number 0800 051 1470

EON Energy gas boiler problems free number is 0800 051 1470.  Gas boilers that are not running safely can be reported using this number. A Gas Safe™ registered engineer can be arranged to take a look and make sure everything is secured.

EON Energy Gas Prepayment Meter  0345 300 8144

EON Energy gas prepayment meter contact number is 0345 300 8144. Call this number if your are having problems with your gas and you have got a prepayment meter for it. For EON Energy gas prices you can check online. Yet, you can make your own EON Energy gas calculation by working with the customer service representative.

EON Energy Supplier Change Prepayment Meter  0345 302 3473

EON Energy supplier changes prepayment meter contact number is  0345 302 3473. If you wish to change suppliers of your prepayment meter, utilise this number to be assisted. EON Energy supplier reviews are on the internet, but you can call this EON Energy phone number to get an immediate response to your need to change supplier or meter providers.

EON Energy Supplier Change Credit  0345 301 4905

EON Energy supplier change credit contact number is 0345 301 4905. Customers of EON Energy using credit meters with enquiries about switching from another energy supplier or you decide to leave EON Energy, can be accommodated by contacting this helpline.

EON Energy Payments, Meter Readings and Questions About Bills 0345 059 9905

EON Energy payments, meter readings and questions about bills contact number is 0345 059 9905. Any concern regarding your bills or how to pay them and meter readings can be addressed by calling this number. If you prefer to have another person you trust to handle your accounts, you can print out the EON Energy letter and send it to the address:

PO BOX 7750

EON Energy Braille Letters and Bills  0333 202 4762

EON Energy braille letters and bills contact number is 0333 202 4762, available 8AM-6PM Monday-Friday. Eon Energy customers that are blind can request for letters and bills to be in braille by contacting the number that is provided. This is also a service that will help with Eon Energy account activation for individuals with accessibility issues or special needs.

EON Energy International Callers +44 115 843 4373

EON Energy international callers contact number is +44 115 843 4373. Customers of EON Energy coming from outside of the UK can utilise this number for more information. If you are overseas and you want to make sure your energy supply is switched off, contact this international helpline for assistance.

EON Energy Bill Payment 0345 301 5882

EON Energy bill payment contact number is 0345 301 5882, available 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday, and 8AM-6PM Saturday. Call this number for your bill payments and up-to-date meter readings. Enquiries regarding the EON energy bill calculator can also be done by using this phone number. Call to get your EON energy bill explained.

EON Energy Security Free Number 0800 032 2409

EON Energy security free number is 0800 032 2409.  If you have doubts on the representative technician that visits your house, contact this EON Energy support services number for verification of identity.

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