July 31, 2017

First Utility Phone Numbers: Customer Service, Broadband, Media Centre, Press Team, PR Agency

First Utility Departments Contact Number
Customer Service 0192 632 0700
Broadband 0192 632 8002
Media Centre 0788 599 6269
Moving Home 01926 320 700
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Power Cuts 105
Credit Control 0196 320 712

First Utility Customer Service 0192 632 0700

First Utility customer service contact number is 0192 632 0700, available 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday, and 9AM-4PM Saturday.  The First Utility telephony service number is 0192 632 0701. Enquiries can be answered using this number and you will be directed to a First Utility customer service advisor. Power cut emergencies such as a property only one affected by the power loss or a damaged meter affecting the supply can also be addressed using this number. If you have observed your First Utility smart meter not working properly and fluctuating, try the First Utility timed space test. If you wish to talk to an online assistant, use the First Utility’s ask first accessibility feature available anytime.

Customer Services
First Utility
PO Box 4360
CV34 9DB

Additionally, you can contact First Utility online through email: The number above can also be used to claim a First Utility complaint. Please file the First Utility complaint online form first before making a phone call to follow up. First utility customer service reviews can be seen on the customer reviews page.

If you are interested in applying for a job First Utility energy support teams are making a real difference to the world market, you can find out by checking on the First Utility current vacancies page. You can also ask for more vacancies by sending a message to this email:

Customers of First Utility with requests for Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) statements should contact their account manager directly or request online through the email:

First Utility Broadband 0192 632 8002

First Utility broadband contact number is 0192 632 8002, available 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday, and 9AM-4PM Saturday. If you have concerns with broadband services and products such as the First Utility broadband router, call this helpline for assistance. Enquiries about First Utility broadband deals and prices can be answered by checking the broadband and telephony service price list.  You can also email your concerns through this address:

First Utility Media Centre 0788 599 6269

First Utility media centre contact number is 0788 599 6269. Journalists with media related enquiries can utilise this number and you will be directed to Joanne Murefu. If you wish to talk with Alec Stanwell, you can call 0770 318 7852  You can also get in touch with the press team through email: Check out First Utility press releases to find out more about what the company stands for.

First Utility Moving Home 01926 320 700

First Utility moving home contact number is 01926 320 700, available 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday, and 9:30AM-4PM Saturday. Call this number if you have plans to move in order to make the transfer of your meter easier to your new home. Details such as your new address, move date and current meter read will be asked. If you have already moved home and you still want to continue using First Utility services, get in touch with the home move team using this helpline.

First Utility Gas Emergency 0800 111 999

First Utility gas emergency free number is 0800 111 999, available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. If you think your property might have a gas leak and you smell gas, call this number immediately to avoid any further accidents. While waiting for the respond team to arrive, make sure you are safe by ventilating your property properly and by turning off the gas using the emergency control valve. If necessary, call the First Utility customer service number for more assistance. Check the extensive First Utility gas safety and carbon monoxide advice document to prevent and minimise risks of gas poisoning.

First Utility Power Cut 105

First Utility power cut contact number is 105, available 24 hours a day. and 7 days a week. If your power supply in your property cuts off, the first thing you do is check your fuse box if any of the fuses tripped. Call this helpline if your fuse hasn’t tripped and your neighbours don’t have power either. Phones that are cordless won’t work in a power cut so make sure you call using your landline or mobile phone. You can also call the free number 0800 375 675 for First Utility loss of supply emergencies.

First Utility Credit Control 0196 320 712

First Utility credit control contact number is 0196 320 712. If you can’t pay bills on time or are struggling with the amount, contact this number to speak with the credit control team. Options will be given to help you manage your bills such as a First Utility credit meter. Enquiries regarding First Utility prepayment tariffs can also be addressed using this helpline.  If you wish to know more about First Utility emergency credit, check their prepayment meter user guide. You also have an option to send your concerns via email through the address: Check the First Utility paying your bill policy document for full details on how the company can help. There is also a First Utility energy saving advice policy document that will provide inputs on save more energy.

If you decide on switching away into another supplier, a final reading is required to know if you are entitled to a First Utility credit refund.

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