August 4, 2017

National Grid UK Phone Numbers: Customer Service, Metering, Emergencies, Commercial Operation, General Gas, Electricity, Media, Investor, Landowner

National Grid UK Departments Contact Number
Customer Service 0192 665 463
Metering 0845 606 6766
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity Emergency 0800 404 090
Power Cut 105
Minicom 0800 371 787
Commercial Operation 0192 665 4611
Mandatory Frequency Response 0192 665 5292
Maximum Generation 0192 665 3716
Obligatory Reactive Power Service (ORPS) 0192 665 5386
Plant Protection 0800 688 588
Trading 0192 665 3245
General Gas Grantor 0192 665 4844
Electric and Magnetic Fields 0845 702 3270
LNG Storage 0192 665 6556
Media 0192 665 6536
Investor Relations 0371 402 3344
Landowner and Occupier 0800 389 5113
Gas Customer 0192 665 6022

National Grid UK Customer Service 0192 665 463

National Grid UK customer service contact number is 0192 665 463, available 8AM-5pm Monday-Friday.  If you have a general enquiry about the products and services, ring the customer service team through this number. You can also send your electricity concerns through email to this address: Send your general feedback using the National Grid UK comment form.

There are different team leaders or custom account managers depending on area of responsibility. Customers of National Grid UK Energy Support in England and Wales can send their enquiries to James Abrahams through email:  If you are in Scotland, send an email to James Kerr: Customer compliance enquiries in relation to the grid code and bilateral agreements for new and existing connections can be addressed to Richard Lavender to the email:

National Grid UK Metering 0845 606 6766

National Grid UK metering contact number is 0845 606 6766. Questions about your gas meter can be answered using this National Grid UK metering helpline. If you already planned a meter exchange that you arranged as part of the policy meter exchange programme please complete the National Grid UK online form. You can also send your concerns if you are having problem with the form through the email:

If you wish to use National Grid metering to provide meter asset management (MAM) services send a message to this email:

National Grid UK Gas Emergency Free Number 0800 111 999

National Grid UK gas emergency free number is 0800 111 999, available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. If you suspect a carbon monxide leak or smell gas, call this number immediately to alleviate any further complications. An engineer will be sent to you as soon as possible after the call.

National Grid UK Electricity Emergency Free Number 0800 404 090

National Grid UK electricity emergency free number is 0800 404 090, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers of National Grid UK with problems with their electricity service can use this helpline to be accommodated.

National Grid UK Power Cut Free Number 105

National Grid UK power cut free number is 105. Sudden loss of electricity supply can be reported using this number. You can also call this helpline if you see damage to electricity power lines.

National Grid UK Minicom Free Number 0800 371 787

National Grid UK minicom free number is 0800 371 787. Deaf or deafened customers of National Grid UK who are using a textphone can be assisted using this number. The National Grid Energy supply rates can be found online if you are not able to use this special number.

National Grid UK Commercial Operation 0192 665 4611

National Grid UK commercial operation contact number is 0192 665 4611. You can contact this National Grid energy support helpline if you are a new provider. If you wish to send your concerns through email, you can send it to this address: For National Grid account status and information like login and password changes, please contact your account manager if you are an existing provider.

If you would like to know more and participate in the Enhanced Optional STOR service of National Grid UK, message either Rebecca Yang and Nick Blair, to the email addresses and, respectively.

National Grid UK Mandatory Frequency Response 0192 665 5292

National Grid UK mandatory frequency response contact number is 0192 665 5292. If you want to know more information about the obligations of National Grid UK in automatically changing to active power output in response to a frequency change, talk to the contact lead Adam Sims through this number. You may also send him a message online through his email:  To know more about the National Grid UK mandatory services agreement, check the National Grid mandatory services file on their webpage.

National Grid UK Maximum Generation 0192 665 3716

National Grid UK maximum generation contact number is 0192 665 3716. Access to capacity of the generators of National Grid UK in emergency circumstances can be requested to Kameesh Phillips using this number. If you wish to email him, you can send it to the address:

National Grid UK Obligatory Reactive Power Service (ORPS) 0192 665 5386

National Grid UK obligatory reactive power service (ORPS) contact number is 0192 665 5386. If you want to participate and know more about this service, call the service lead Sarah Milmore using this helpline. You can also send a message online to this email:

National Grid UK Plant Protection Free Number 0800 688 588

National Grid UK plant protection free number is 0800 688 588. You are not allowed to work in the vicinity of the pipeline without the consent of National Grid UK. In order to get permission if you plan to work near the pipelines, call this helpline. You would need to state a clearly identifiable plan, site grid reference or post code, work start date, contact details, and details of the planned work. If you wish to send these information online, forward it to this email: You can also send your proposals through mail to this address:

National Grid Plant Protection
National Grid, Block 1
Brick Kiln Street
Hinckley LE10 ONA

National Grid UK Trading 0192 665 3245

National Grid UK Trading contact number is 0192 665 3245. If you wish to trade National Grid energy support related products with your forecast energy requirements, call and ask for Steve Miller through this number for more information. You can also send him a message online through this email: There are only three energy related products that National Grid UK purchase: power energy trades, forward energy trades and energy balancing contracts. Enquiries about settlements can be asked through this email address:

National Grid UK General Gas Grantor 01926 654844

National Grid UK general gas grantor contact number is 01926 654844. To know more about gas products and services, call this helpline for assistance. You can also call this number to get more information about the National Grid UK general gas distribution.

National Grid UK Electric and Magnetic Fields 0845 702 3270

National Grid UK electric and magnetic fields contact number is 0845 702 3270. Customers of National Grid who are concerned about nearby electricity equipment can report through this number. If you prefer to give your concerns online, send it through the email:

National Grid UK LNG Storage 0192 665 6556

National Grid UK LNG storage contact number is 0192 665 6556. If you wish to have your natural gas liquefied and stored, contact this number for more information. Send your questions through email to this address: You also have an option to write your enquiries and mail it to:

National Grid LNG Storage
Isle of Grain, Rochester
Kent ,  ME3OAB


Avonmouth LNG Storage Facility
Severn Road
Hallen, BS10 7SQ

National Grid UK Media 0192 665 6536

National Grid UK media contact number is 0192 665 6536, available 5PM-9AM (Out-of-hours). Information on UK-related enquiries and issues, and major infrastructure projects can be obtained by calling this number. If you wish to call during office hours, call or email these following people:

Name Position Contact Number Email
Sean Kemp UK Head of Media Relations 0207 004 3149 or 0796 001 2356
Gemma Stokes Corporate Media Relations Manager 0192 665 5272 or 0797 419 8333
David Lavender Press Officer 0192 665 3942 or 0798 966 5946
Stewart Larque Head UK Regional Media Relations- Infrastructure Projects 0192 665 5274 or 0783 186 4034
Jeanette Unsworth Press Officer- Infrastructure Projects 0778 529 0230

National Grid UK Investor Relations 0371 402 3344

National Grid UK investor relations contact number is 0371 402 3344, available 9AM-5:30PM, Monday-Friday. Enquiries about ordinary shares can be answered by calling this number. The helpline desk is closed on public holidays in England and Wales. You can also send an email to this address: For debt investor relations concerns, send a message to this email: Institutional investors with investor relations enquiries can contact National Grid via:

National Grid
Investor Relations
Floor 5
One Strand
London WC2N 5EH

If you wish to know more about special dividend and share consolidation, contact National Grid Energy Support Investor relations contact number 0371 277 1013, available 8:30AM-5:30PM, Monday-Friday.

National Grid UK Landowner and Occupier Free Number 0800 389 5113

National Grid UK landowner and occupier free number is 0800 389 5113. Contact your National Grid representative through this number for more information on wayleave payments and change of name/address/ownership of the land.

National Grid UK Gas Customer 0192 665 6022

National Grid UK gas customer contact number is 0192 665 6022. Gas related concerns can be addressed by calling this helpline. You will be directed to Eddie Blackburn, Gas Contract Portfolio Manager. For initial enquiries, email: Gas customers of National Grid UK who don’t know their account manager or are new shippers can send a message to this email address:

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