September 24, 2017

Northern PowerGrid Phone Numbers

Northern PowerGrid Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 0800 011 3332
North East Emergency 0800 668 877
Yorkshire Emergency 0800 375 675
Report a Crime 0800 555 111
Priority Services 0800 169 2996
Connections 0800 011 3433
Payment 0800 028 2017
Complaints 0800 781 8848
Metering 0197 760 5139
Temporary Switch Off Power 0870 073 7373
Planned Power Cut Enquiries 0800 587 8865
Head Office 0845 070 7172
Media Enquiries 0800 500 3175

Northern PowerGrid General Enquiries Free Number 0800 011 3332

Nothern PowerGrid general enquiries free number is 0800 011 3332. Dial this number if you prefer to get in touch with an agent for popular advice or get a solution to your queries. This line is available 24 hours, seven days a week for your own convenience. Also, the number comes in handy if you have queries related to Nothern PowerGrid services such as connection or payment.

Alternatively, for the best services and quick response to your questions, you can register or login if you already have an account. Another best way to contact the company is through an online form. Kindly fill in all the necessary documents and click submit. You will be redirected to a “thank you page” which confirms your submission has been received. Likewise, you can send your query via email to

Northern PowerGrid North East Emergency Free Number 0800 668 877

Northern PowerGrid North East emergency free number is 0800 668 877. Northern PowerGrid energy support is responsible for ensuring the power you buy from your energy supplier reaches you safely. In case you are in the North East and experiences a power cut or want to report an emergency, dial the above contact number. The Number is available 24 hrs, seven days a week.

Northern PowerGrid Yorkshire Emergency Free Number 0800 375 675

Northern PowerGrid Yorkshire emergency free number is 0800 375 675. Dial this number if you ever get a power interruption due to unknown reasons to you and they will be quick to fix it. Whatever the reasons are such as weather, Maintainance, they will be there to fix the problem. This line is available 100%- on Mondays, Sundays, day or night, and even in Christmas days to help keep the power flowing. This line is available for all residents in Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire.

Northern PowerGrid power cut contact number is 105. This line is available 24 hours, seven days a week. This is the simplest number to dial to report a power outage or electrical fault. The line will put you through to a local network operator who looks after the security of electric supply.

You can also report a power cut online. Alternatively, if you have no power, you can use Nothern PowerGrid live power cut map and check if there is a problem that has been reported in your area. You can also register to receive updates on when they will have your power supply back on.

Northern PowerGrid Report a Crime Free Number 0800 555 111

Northern PowerGrid report a crime-free number is 0800 555 111. Dial this number to report a metal thief. If you see a vehicle or suspicious activities around an electricity subway or power cables in your area, dial the number immediately. Northern PowerGrid energy support number centres have partnered with crime stoppers and provide a reward of up to £1,000 for any information that leads to a conviction.

Likewise, you can share your ideas on how to stop metal thieves by joining and starting a discussion on the Northern PowerGrid online community. For more detail, visit the help and information page.

Northern PowerGrid Priority Services Free Number 0800 169 2996

Northern PowerGrid priority services free number is 0800 169 2996. Dial the number and speak to one of the PowerGrid care team about your unique needs. The company understands that their customers may have unique needs and a power cut may affect them differently. The Northern PowerGrid priority services phone number is available 24 hours a day seven days a week and will connect to their specially trained support team straightaway.

You can also apply by post. If you have a printer near you, download the application form and send it to the included address. Furthermore, you can request the company to send it to you. Please find the relevant details on Powergrid Care page.


Northern PowerGrid Connections Free Number 0800 011 3433

Northern PowerGrid connection free number is 0800 011 3433. Dial the number if you want to speak to their dedicated connections team on the above number. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Other services include:

  • How to get connected.
  • Learn how to learn of an application.
  • To enquire about the cost of connection.
  • To get a quotation

Alternatively, you can send them an email at Likewise, you can seek for assistance by using Northern PowerGrid ask an expert option. Fill in all the details, and one of the Northern PowerGrid agents will contact you within two working days and provide you with all the details that you need.

Northern PowerGrid Payment Free Number 0800 028 2017

Northern PowerGrid payment free number is 0800 028 2017. Contact the customer service using the free helpline and learn more about payment options. You can also ring the Northern PowerGrid phone number to make a card payment. You will need to have an invoice number, a valid payment card, and an email address to make a Northern PowerGrid bill pay. The line is available from Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Do you have Northern PowerGrid payment enquiries? You can seek assistance online. If you have questions or query about making a payment online,  please fill the online billing form, and you will get assistance. You can also use the online form if you think you will have problems making your invoice payment. Failure to notify them may attract additional charges.

Northern PowerGrid Complaints Free Number 0800 781 8848

Northern PowerGrid complaints free number is 0800 781 8848. This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your own convenience. Dial the number if you are not satisfied with the services you receive. Northern PowerGrid Energy Support company are aware that they may not live to their standards and have a team standby to deal with the firm complaints. Alternatively, you can register or login to your account for the best possible service and for your complaint to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you want to write, send an email to You can send a letter Freepost to Northern PowerGrid customer care team via:


Manor House
Station Road
Houghton le Spring

Northern PowerGrid Metering 0197 760 5139

Northern PowerGrid metering contact number is 0197 760 5139. Get in touch with the support team for all enquiries related to Northern PowerGrid metering services.  Northern PowerGrid is a Meter Asset Provider (MAP) for both domestic and business use.

Alternatively, you can use Northern PowerGrid online and fill in an enquiry form. If you prefer writing, send an email to or post a letter message to:

Northern Powergrid Metering Ltd
Unit 8 Brindley Way,
41 Industrial Estate,

Northern PowerGrid Temporary Switch Off Power 0870 073 7373

Northern PowerGrid temporary switch off power contact number is 0870 073 7373. Ring this phone number if you are carrying up a cleanup at your home, and you need a temporary switch off power. In case of a home emergency, you can call the number and request a power switch off preventing damages.

Before making a call, please visit the Help and Information page for more details.

Northern PowerGrid Planned Power Cut Enquiries Free Number 0800 587 8865

Northern PowerGrid planned power cut enquiries free number is 0800 587 8865. This line is available around the clock which makes it easy to connect to a support team. Other services include:

  • To repair a fault
  • Tree trimming
  • Connecting a new customer to the Northern PowerGrid services
  • When carrying out a reinforcement
  • To make changes to your planned power cut
  • To replace underground electricity cables

Learn more about Northern PowerGrid planned power cuts online.

Northern PowerGrid Head Office 0845 070 7172

Northern PowerGrid head office phone number is 0845 070 7172. If you didn’t like how one of our staff treated you, dial the number and speak to an executive today. This number is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Alternatively, you can send a letter using the postal address provided in the post.

Northern Powergrid Holdings Company
Lloyds Court
78 Grey Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Northern PowerGrid Media Enquiries Free Number 0800 500 3175

Northern PowerGrid media enquiries free number is 0800 500 3175. Dial the number if you are a member of the media or a journalist seeking for an interview. The line is available 24 hours seven days a week. If you would like to receive media updates on Northern PowerGrid happenings, dial the above helpline which is free.

You can also get the latest news about the Northern PowerGrid online. Visit their news page or follow them on social media using the link provided below.

Contact Northern PowerGrid via Social Media

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