August 2, 2017

Northumbrian Water Phone Numbers: Customer Service, Billing, Report a Leak, Sewerage, Media, MyAccount, Meter Readings, Landlord, Complaints, Head Office

Northumbrian Water Department Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0345 717 1100
Billing Enquiries 0345 733 5566
Report a Leak 0800 393 084
Sewerage System Floods 0800 328 7648
Media Enqueries 0191 301 5678
Make a Payment Free Number 0800 032 3417
Make a Payment 0191 417 5134
Meter Readings Free Number 0800 032 3418
Meter Readings 0191 415 9375
Landlords 0845 850 6421
Emergency 0345 266 0585
Head Office 0845 604 7468

Northumbrian Water Customer Service 0345 717 1100

Northumbrian Water customer service number is 0345 717 1100. The above phone line is available for all Northumbrian Water enquiries. Furthermore, you can use this number to learn more about Northumbrian Water energy support and saving opportunities, including:

  • To provide meter readings
  • If you experience Northumbrian Water supply issues
  • To find about a sewer flooding in the area
  • To set up Northumbrian Water business account
  • Northumbrian Water change of address
  • Get an advice or help on how to save water.
  • To report a leak
  • Northumbrian Water careers

The above Northumbrian Water emergency contact is available 24/7 for immediate response. For Northumbrian Water connections, you can use the Northumbrian Water live chat option available on the contact us page. Alternatively, customers can write a letter to request Northumbrian Water services at their homes or businesses. The address is:

Northumbrian Water
Customer Centre
PO Box 300

Northumbrian Water Billing Enquiries  0345 733 5566

Northumbrian Water billing enquiries number is 0345 733 5566. Call the number if you wish to discuss how to make Northumbrian Water bill payments. The phone number is available to call between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday and 8 am and 1 pm on Saturday.

Customers can get additional information about Northumbrian Water pay my bill by filling an online bill payment query form. Also, use this channel to enquire about Northumbrian Water charges and Northumbrian Water rates.  Customers are required to fill all the required fields and prior submitting the request.

Northumbrian Water Report a Leak Free Number 0800 393 084

Northumbrian Water Report a Leak Free Number is 0800 393 084. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use this contact number for all Northumbrian Water emergencies.  The Northumbrian Water report a problem number can also be used to report Northumbrian Water no water or low pressure, water quality, smell and colour. Furthermore, if you experience a Northumbrian Water disruption due to a leak, dial the number for assistance.

Alternatively, for Northumbrian Water report a blockage or Northumbrian Water report a burst, use the online platform. You will need to provide Northumbrian Water burst area and personal data for follow up purposes.

Northumbrian Water Report a Sewerage System Floods Free Number 0800 328 7648

Northumbrian Water Report a Sewerage System Floods free number is 0800 328 7648. Dial the number if you experience a sewer flooding emergencies. Please have in mind that sewer flooding procedures are followed to ensure that all the customers receive the same services.

To learn more about the Northumbrian Water sewer, dial the above free toll flood line. In addition, you can use the number to learn the causes of sewer floodings such as Northumbrian Water blocked drains, and get advice on how to prevent blockage. The helpline is available 24 hrs seven days a week.

Northumbrian Water Media Enquiries 0191 301 5678

Northumbrian Water media enquiries number is 0191 301 5678. If you are a member of Northumbrian Water media and need additional information on a story you are working on, contact the external communication team on the above phone number. Have in mind that this line should only be used for media queries and is available 24 hours every day.

Apart from the Northumbrian Water contact provide here, can send their media enquiries to Northumbrian Water email address

Northumbrian Water Make a Payment Free Number 0800 032 3417

Northumbrian Water make a payment free number is 0800 032 3417. This number is automated 24 hours 7 days a week, and you can call the number for queries related to Northumbrian Water bills or to check your account balance.

You can get in touch with Northumbrian Water customer care specialist on the above number to pay bills using your credit card or use a secure online form.

Northumbrian Water Make a Payment 0191 417 5134

Northumbrian Water make a payment contact number is 0191 417 5134. This is also a service that is 24 hours 7 days a week available. You can use the helpline to get in touch with the customer service for a payment plan that suits your needs.

Other services that are available on the above line include, learning how to pay your bills, managing your account details and even Northumbrian Water change of address option. In case you having problems with Northumbrian Water login page, dial the phone number for assistance. Learn more by visiting the Northumbrian Water official website.

Northumbrian Water Meter Readings Free Number 0800 032 3418

Northumbrian Water meter readings automated free number is 0800 032 3418. This line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. In case you receive an estimated billing, call the number and tell the Northumbrian agent of the real meter readings and they will be glad to reissue a bill based on the readings you provide. For quick and hassle free services, you will need to provide Northumbrian Water customer reference number meter reading calls.

Alternatively, use the Northumbrian Water update your meter readings online option to send your meter readings instead of waiting for an estimate. For Northumbrian Water apply meter online services, use the link provided on this post.

Northumbrian Water Meter Readings 0191 415 9375

Northumbrian Water meter reading number is 0191 415 9375. Use the above helpline to learn of the Northumbrian Water meter charges as well as to request a Northumbrian Water meter removal. If you are wondering how long does it take to get a water meter fitted, please be free to send your enquiry through the above contact number.

Customers who wish to compare Northumbrian Water unmetered charges with the meter charges can use Northumbrian Water online services. You will find an online Northumbrian Water meter calculator that will assist you to compare with unmetered bills.

Northumbrian Water Landlord or Tenant Enquiries 0845 850 6421

Northumbrian Water landlord or tenant enquiry number is 0845 850 6421. This line is available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and should be used in case you have queries regarding the change of tenancy. In case you are a Northumbrian Water landlord member and want to know about the bill or water and sewerage services, use the contact numbers that were listed earlier in this post.

Some customers prefer to write and in that case, send an email to and get help on migrating your property to the Northumbrian Water landlord property management web portal. You can also write to the postal address:

Northumbrian Water
Landlord Integrity
Abbey Road
Pity Me

Northumbrian Water Emergency 0345 266 0585

Northumbrian Water emergency number is 0345 266 0585. This line is available from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday. This line deals with wholesale issues, and not household related emergencies. Also, use this number to talk about any issue you had with Northumbrian Water group or to compliment them on how they handled your complaints. If you don’t know your wholesale supplier, find your supplier online and you will receive their contact details.

Northumbrian Water Head Office 0845 604 7468

Northumbrian Water head office contact number is 0845 604 7468. This comes in handy in case you want to escalate complaints to Northumbrian Water group executives. The line is available between 8 am to 5.15 pm from Monday to Friday. Likewise, all the Northumbrian Water problems can be communicated in writing using the address listed below.

Northumbrian Water Group Limited
Northumbria House
Abbey Road
Pity Me

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