September 14, 2017

South West Water Phone Numbers: Operational Helpline, Billing, Report a Leak

South West Water Department Contact Numbers
Operational Helpline 0344 346 2020
Billing Enquiries 0344 346 1010
Bogus Caller Helpline 0344 346 2020
Business 0344 406 8053
Debit Card Payment 0800 230 0750
Direct Debit Set Up 0800 083 2365
Debt helpline 0800 083 0283
Meter Installation 0800 083 4301
Meter Estimate Rebilling 0800 083 4247
Report a leak 0800 230 0561
Minicom 0800 169 9965

South West Water Operational Helpline 0344 346 2020

South West Water operational helpline is 0344 346 2020. Call this helpline if you have any queries with the services provided. The South West Water customer service team is available on hand from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. However, you can ring the helpline 24 hrs a day in case of emergency. If you have any South West Water emergencies such as flooding, dirty water or even no water, dial the number as soon as possible.

Also, use the helpline to make complaints on water supply issues and wastewater problems. In case you are not satisfied with how your complaint is dealt with by the South West Water company, you can escalate the complaint to Consumer Council for Water (CCW).

If you wish to submit an email, use the online form found at the South West Water contact us page. Through this form, you can also request for a free callback. South West Water complaints can also be addressed via post:

South West Water Limited Registered office: Peninsula House Rydon Lane Exeter Devon, England EX2 7HR

Please have in mind that all enquiries made via post are replied to within 10 working days.

South West Water Billing Enquiries 0344 346 1010

South West Water billing enquiries contact number is 0344 346 1010. Call this number if you were overcharged on your South West Water bill pay. Also, this number is the main account query line, and you should dial if you are moving. The support team will help set a new address for your new home. Customers who also wish to change their account details or even clear the final bill should get in touch with the customer care using the above helpline. Likewise, if you would like to change your Southwest Water payment method, dial the number and switch to Debit payment or cash payment.

Should you be having a complaint regarding your bill or online account, just give them a call. The South West Water contact number is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm. Please note that you will not be able to speak to an advisor on Sunday or during Bank holidays. Furthermore, you can find most of your queries explained online.

South West Water Bogus Caller Helpline 0344 346 2020

South West Water bogus caller helpline is 0344 346 2020. Dial this number if a technician arrives at your home to confirm their ID details. The South West Water Staffs are happy to wait as you make the confirmation. To protect their customers, South West Water energy support number agents rarely visit homes without an appointment. In case they have an appointment, you can also agree on a password to use.

Likewise, South West Water often do surveys through calls, but if you are not sure, confirm by calling the above phone number. Please avoid sharing your personal details until you are certain.

South West Water Business 0344 406 8053

South West Water business phone number is 0344 406 8053. Dial this number to get a quote for your company, if you receive an incorrect bill or even to notify them when moving or closing down your premises. Likewise, if you want the South West Water business to increase their water supply to your business, speak to an advisor through the above helpline. The hotline is available Monday to Friday between 8 am, and 6 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.

You can also send them an email to To send your business queries through letters, use their UK address provided below or tweet them at @SWWBusiness.

South West Water Business
PO Box 9136
BH11 0GF

South West Water Debit Card Payment Free Number 0800 230 0750

South West Water debit card payment free number is 0800 230 0750. Dial this helpline to pay by debit or credit card through the phone. This line is an automated service, thus available all round the clock for your own convenience. Make sure you have your bill number at hand while making the phone.

South West Water make a payment online option is also available. However, to submit your payment online, you must register for my account. Existing customers can have access to their accounts by visiting South West Water login page. To pay by post, send your cheque to:

South West Water, PO Box 4762, Worthing, BN11 9NT.

Furthermore, you will have all the other ways to pay bill explained on their website.

South West Water Direct Debit Set Up Free Number 0800 083 2365

South West Water Direct Debit set up free number is 0800 083 2365. Dail this helpline if you need to switch to paying your water bill by Direct Debit. The South West Water customer service will assist you on how to set up. If you like, you can also ask the agent to do it for you. Please have your details at hand while choosing to the Direct Debit payment option. Customers who pay bills regularly by Direct Debit allow spreading of cost. Learn more about the benefits of Direct Debit online.

South West Water Debt Helpline Free Number 0800 083 0283

South West Water debt helpline free number is 0800 083 0283. Dial this helpline if you are experiencing financial difficulties, and you would like to talk to an advisor. The agent on the phone will give you individual support and offers solutions that will suit your need. You can opt to use their other payment options, install a meter to help you save or ask for their support tariffs.

The debt helpline free number is available from Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 8 pm, 8 am to 6 pm on Friday and Saturday from 9 am to1 pm. More information is shared on South West Water struggling to pay page.

South West Water Meter Installation Free Number 0800 083 4301

South West Water meter installation free number is 0800 083 4301. To have a meter connected at your new home, or if you want to switch to South West Water meter connection, dial the above helpline today. Wondering how long it will take to install a meter at your house? For this and more queries, you can get in touch with the support team. The helpline is automated and available to call 24 hrs seven days a week. After their receive your application, the survey team will make an appointment within 10 working days.

Alternatively, you can apply for South West Water meter online. Fill in the requirements online, and if having issues with the form, you can contact the South West Water Contact Number. If you will be having issues with South West Water meter readings, please address them during the survey.

South West Water Meter Estimate Rebilling Free Number 0800 083 4247

South West Water meter estimate rebilling free number is 0800 083 4247. Customers can request for meter estimate re-billing by dialling the above helpline using the above contact number. The line is automated meaning that you will receive assistance without speaking to an agent. However, if you are unable to use the automated service, you can dial the South West Water billing enquiry line today. Also, you can estimate your savings by using South West Water meter calculator.

South West Water Report a Leak Free Number 0800 230 0561

South West Water report a leak free number is 0800 230 0561. Use this line in case you have spotted a leak emergency within South West Water supply area. For South West Water floodings and South West Water bursts, dial the number to prevent damaging of property. Likewise, the number comes in handy in case you want to report a pollution or sewerage leakage in one of their reservoirs. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In case a technician is sent, you can confirm their ID using the helpline provided above.

If you have a drip inside your house, contact a plumber or call your insurer so that they can advise you on what to do. Find an approve plumber through Water safe or Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme WIAPS. To report a leak outside your property, you can fill an online application. South West Water energy support numbers also share explain how to deal with these emergencies.

To get updates on any street work in your area, visit their website and enter your post code or address in the search box.

South West Water Minicom Free Number 0800 169 9965

South West Water minicom free number is 0800 169 9965. Use this helpline if you have a severe speech impediment or if you have a hearing problem. Please have in mind that you will need to have an appropriate minicom device to speak to a specially trained support agent.

Alternatively, you can use the Text Relay service to make your enquiries. Dial 18001 before entering any other helpline.

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