September 25, 2017

SP Energy Networks Phone Numbers

SP Energy Networks Department Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 0330 101 0444
Central & Southern Scotland Emergency 0800 092 9290
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire Emergency 0800 001 5400
Central & Southern Scotland Connections 0845 270 0785
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire Connections 0845 270 0783
MPAN and Metering 0330 101 0300
Priority Services 0330 101 0167
Additional Support Services 0330 101 0154
Media Enquiries 0800 027 0072
Investors Registration UK 0871 384 2936
Investors Registration Overseas +44 121 415 7047
Employees 0871 384 2935
Shareview Dealing Helpline UK 0845 603 7037
Shareview Dealing Helpline Overseas +44 121 415 7560
ScottishPower Renewables 0141 614 0000
Suppliers Helpdesk 0239 263 8018

SP Energy Networks General Enquiries 0330 101 0444

SP Energy Networks general enquiries contact number is 0330 101 0444. Dial the number if you need more information on the services provided by the company. SP Energy networks are responsible for restoring your power quickly as soon as possible, making new connections, and maintaining performance and safe working conditions of the company.

Should you have a question about SP Energy Networks business or SP Energy Network payment methods, you can contact them online by filling in the general enquiry form. However, if you would prefer to send an email, write to or Alternatively, you can send your general enquiry through post:

Customer Services
SP Energy Networks
Ochil House
Hamilton International Park


Customer Services
SP Energy Networks
Prenton Way
CH43 3ET

SP Energy Networks Central & Southern Scotland Emergency Free Number 0800 092 9290

SP Energy Networks Central & Southern Scotland emergency free number is 0800 092 9290. The number is available 24 hours, seven days a week. This number should be used by the customers who are in Central & Southern Scotland to report cases of power cuts and damages. Even if you think other people may have reported the emergency, dial the SP Energy Networks hotline to make sure they are aware of the situation.

SP Energy Networks Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire Emergency Free Number 0800 001 5400

SP Energy Networks Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire emergency free number is 0800 001 5400. To report a power cut or damage to electrical power lines or substations, call the above helpline. The emergency phone number is available day and night, Monday through Sunday.

Alternatively, you can dial the new national freephone number 105 to report emergencies. This line is free to use and will get you straight to your local energy and network supplier. Dial the helpline from a landline or even a mobile phone.

SP Energy Networks Get Connected 0845 270 0785/0845 270 0783

SP Energy Networks get connected phone numbers are 0845 270 0785/0845 270 0783. If you are new customers and want to join the SP Energy Networks connection, dial the above helpline to speak to one of their support agents. The line is available from 08:30 to 16:45 Monday through to Friday. Have in mind that all calls in these SP Energy Networks contact numbers may be recorded for reference and monitoring practices.

Alternatively, you can send an email with all the queries related to the connection services to Should you prefer to send your questions through the post, use the following Postal address:

SP Energy Networks
Network Connections
55 Fullarton Drive
G32 8FA


SP Energy Networks
Network Connections
PO Box 290
Lister Drive
L13 7HJ

SP Energy Networks MPAN and Metering 0330 101 0300

SP Energy Networks MPAN and metering contact number is 0330 101 0300.  Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is a number that helps identify electricity meter at your property. If you would like to find your MPAN, contact the customer service number provided above. The number also comes in handy if you need to contact the support team for queries related to your electricity suppliers. The area covered by this number are:

  • Central & Southern Scotland
  • Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and Shropshire

For metering information and advice on new connections advice, you can dial the above helpline during the working hours. Alternatively, you can request for more details online by filling an online form on their page. Make sure that all the details you fill in are correct so as the company can send you a reply as soon as possible.

SP Energy Networks Priority Services 0330 101 0167

SP Energy Networks priority services phone number is 0330 101 0167. Dial the number today if you want to register for the priority services program. Registering for priority services does not imply that they will restore your power quickly, but they will contact you in case a problem occurs within your area. To be removed from the Priority Services Register, get in touch with the support team using the above number. Likewise, you can apply for the priorities services online. Just fill the priority services registration form and submit. If you have anyone who may contact the priority service team when you are not around, please remember to provide their details on the form.

SP Energy Networks Additional Support Services 0330 101 0154

SP Energy Networks additional support services contact number is 0330 101 0154. Call the number if you need free support services from SP Energy Networks, and they will contact you with the local agencies available. SP Energy Networks has partnered with local organizations to ensure that customers who need additional support receive what they are interested in. Find more about these organisations online on their additional services page.

SP Energy Networks Media Enquiries Free Number 0800 027 0072

SP Energy Networks media enquiries free number is 0800 027 0072. Use the helpline for queries related to SP Energy Networks UK businesses. If you are a member of the media relations team or a professional journalist, make your questions through the above number. This number come in handy if you would like to receive updates and latest news or even photographs from the Press team.

Furthermore, for more details on how to contact SP Energy Networks media relations or Government Affairs team, familiarise with press room page.

SP Energy Networks Investors Registration 0871 384 2936

SP Energy Networks investors registration phone number is 0871 384 2936. You can use the helpline if you want to invest in SP Energy Networks. Dial the number to find out more about SP Energy Networks investments. If you wish, you can also seek advice on how to make the investments from one of their investors. Have in mind that this number is available for all UK residents. In case you are a foreign company willing to invest in the enterprise, dial their overseas phone number +44 121 415 7047.

The lines are available to call Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

You can even start a discussion at SP Energy Networks community consultations. Through the consultations, all interested parties air their views before the company gives a formal consent.

SP Energy Networks Employees 0871 384 2935

SP Energy Networks employees phone numbers 0871 384 2935. If you are one of their working staffs, get in touch with the customer care agent if you have queries regarding the safe condition of the company’s electricity network. If you are a working contractor and need immediate support, call the helpline.

Customers with hearing or speech impairment should use the SP Energy Networks textphone 0871 384 2255 number to address their queries. If you are a retail shareholder, you can use the phone numbers on weekday between  8.30am and 5.30pm.

SP Energy Networks Shareview Dealing 0845 603 7037

SP Energy Networks Shareview dealing contact number is 0845 603 7037. If you need help buying and selling shares, dial the phone number from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. This number should only be used by customers who are based in the UK. In case you are abroad and you would like to enquire more about SP Energy Networks Shareview, Call abroad number +44 121 415 7560. Alternatively, you can use their online option for free, easy and secure management of your account shareholdings.

SP Energy Networks ScottishPower Renewables 0141 614 0000

SP Energy Networks ScottishPower renewables telephone number is  0141 614 0000. For all enquiries relating to the company Renewables business, please dial the above helpline. This line is available during the working hours from Monday to Friday during their regular working hours.

Alternatively, you can send your request via post using the address given below:

ScottishPower Renewables
ScottishPower House
320 St Vincent St
G2 5AD

SP Energy Networks Suppliers Helpdesk 0239 263 8018

SP Energy Networks suppliers helpdesk contact number is 0239 263 8018. If you have any questions on anything, you have seen the SP Energy Networks supplier website or the supply process, communicate with the support team on the above helpline. If you are an existing supplier to ScottishPower and you are experiencing difficulties using our SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) tendering system, dial the hotline, and they will be standby to assist.

Alternatively, you can address your request by sending an email to and they will resolve your queries as soon as possible. For more details, visit the SP Energy Networks supplier contact us page.

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