September 3, 2017

Wessex Water Phone Number: Customer Service, Billing, Sewage Floodline, Report a Leak, Press Office

Wessex Water Department Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0345 600 3600
Bills Online 0345 600 1019
Automated Billing 0345 600 6600
Water Supply and Sewerage 0345 600 4600
Sewage Floodline 0345 850 5959
Report a Leak 0800 692 0692
Text Relay Services 18001
Careers 0122 552 2552
Operations Center 0122 552 6000
Press Office 0122 552 6329
Out of Hours Press 0345 600 4600

Wessex Water Customer Service 0345 600 3600

Wessex Water customer service contact number is 0345 600 3600. It is available from Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm. This is the main operation support line through which customers can get the following services:

  • Wessex Water bill payment enquiries
  • In case you have problems with Wessex Water meter readings
  • To make general enquiries and complaint about Wessex Water services.
  • To request more details about Wessex Water moving house.
  • If you are having troubles paying your bills.

In case you have hearing or speech impairments, get in touch with Wessex Water support through their Text Relay Services. Dial 1800118002 followed by the number of the department you want to contact and a Text Relay operator will join the call and act as an interpreter.

Besides using the above number, you can visit the Wessex Water official website for more details and description. Many services can be achieved by visiting the company online such as paying bills, making e-billing registration, reporting leaks and more. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the “Ask a question” advanced search option available on their page to get solutions to most of the commonly asked questions.

Likewise, you can also prefer to contact Wessex Water customer service by sending an email to Customers can also have their billing queries addressed by sending a letter. Expect a response within 10 working days. Use the following Wessex Water address:

BWBSL, 1 Clevedon Walk, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1WA

Wessex Water Bills Online 0345 600 1019

Wessex Water bills online contact number is 0345 600 1019. Dial the number if you have queries on how to pay Wessex Water bills online. The Wessex Water e-billing system allows customers to make payments online and access their bills statements. If you are having problems creating an e-billing account or even signing up, dial the number above for support.

Apart from e-billing assistance, dial the above helpline if you want to set up a debit or a credit card. You will be required to provide your personal details, bank account details and the customer number and schedule number that can be found on top of the bill.

Wessex Water Automated Billing  0345 600 6600

Wessex Water automated billing contact number is 0345 600 6600. Dial this number to learn more about Wessex Water automated billing services. This line is available 24 hours, seven days a week for your convenience. However, this line cannot be used to speak to an agent. In case you queries that need to be answered by an agent, use the contact number provided on the Wessex Water contact us page. Once you are connected to this line, you will be required to choose some options by pressing numbers.

Wessex Water Supply and Sewerage 0345 600 4600

Wessex Water supply and sewerage contact number is 0345 600 4600. For all enquiries regarding supply and sewage, use the above helpline. This line is available from Monday to Friday between  8 am to 6 pm. Other services that can be answered on this line include:

  • Wessex Water no supply
  • To report water quality problem
  • If you have enquiries on the Wessex Water sewer system.
  • To report pipe blockage

You can also send an email to

Wessex Water Sewage Floodline 0345 850 5959

Wessex Water sewage floodline contact number is 0345 850 5959. Call this line if your property is being destroyed by sewage either internally or externally. Dial this line as soon as possible in case of a flooded sewage. This helpline is available all round the clock to allow quick responses to emergencies.

Wessex Water also provides other services such as 12-hour cleanup services in case your property has been damaged internally and 24 hours for external cleanup. Find out more by sending your queries to

Wessex Water Report a Leak Free Number 0800 692 0692

Wessex Water Report a leak free number is 0800 692 0692. The contact number is available 24 hours, every day. Use this number to report a leak with Wessex Water supply area.  Wessex Water emergencies can also be handled using the same number. Alternatively, you can fill in an online form in case you suspect a leakage.

In case a leak is not in the Wessex Water supply area, you can dial 0345 702 3797 and speak to the Bristol Water company free number 0800 587 8979 and speak to a Bournemouth Water agent. You can always update yourself online on Wessex Water map and check the areas with incidents such as leak reports, developments, water supply issues and even street work.

Besides using the above contact number, you can always send an email to

Wessex Water Careers 0122 552 2552

Wessex Water Career contact number is 0122 552 2552. Dial this Wessex Water hotline if you have queries regarding current Wessex Water vacancy. The recruitment line is available from Monday to Friday from .30am to 4.45pm and Friday, make sure you make your call between 8.30am to 4.15pm.

You can also email and talk about Wessex Water jobs or if you are having troubles making an application. Please note that the above email address should not be used to send applications. Customers who have queries regarding the current Pelican Business Services post should dial 0122 552 8191 or send an email to Learn more about Wessex Water job opportunities online.

Wessex Water Operation Center, Bath (Main Office) 0122 552 6000

Wessex Water Opercentre centre, Bath (main office) contact number is 0122 552 6000. This line is available from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5 pm. The operations centre is located on the southern side of Bath and customers can take advantage of the address provided below and give them a visit in person.

Alternatively, you can enquire more information using the email They also accept written messages through letters. The operations centre address is:

Wessex Water, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7WW.

Wessex Water Press Office 0122 552 6329

Wessex Water press office contact number is 0122 552 6329. The press office is located at their operation centres and deals with media enquiries related to the employees and the company. This helpline is available from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5 pm. Use the above number for media related enquiries.

In case you have queries out of office hours, you can contact the on-call press officer through the control room by dialling 0345 600 4600. Use the above number for media related enquiries. If you prefer emails, send your queries to

Wessex Water Out of Hours Press 0345 600 4600

Wessex Water out of hours press contact number is 0345 600 4600. In case you experience challenges such as Wessex Water burst pipes, leaks and water outages, dial the emergency phone number above. This line is available 24 hours, seven days a week. It also comes in handy if you are suspecting pollution or contamination, and you can request for an emergency inspection.  Even if you believe that several people may have contacted the company regarding the problem, it is always recommended you make the call to help in speeding up their response.

Wessex Water Complaints can also be addressed through the above helpline. If you are having issues that are related to the site accessibility, write an email to You can also make complaints and feedback through the Wessex Water postal address provided in this post.

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