September 26, 2017

Western Power Distribution Phone Numbers

Western Power Distribution Department Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 0800 096 3080
Emergency 0800 678 3105
New Connections 0800 096 3080
Connections Midlands Fax 0115 876 7458
Connections South Wales Fax 0179 278 4510
Connections South West Fax 0120 889 2292
Map Response Team 0121 623 9780
Map Response Team Fax 0121 623 9223
News Centre Midlands 0133 282 7172
News Centre South West 0117 933 2005
News Centre South Wales 0163 362 8119
Complaints 0800 055 6833
Feedback 0117 933 2081
Feedback Fax 0117 933 2428

Western Power Distribution General Enquiries Free Number 0800 096 3080

Western Power Distribution general enquiries free number is 0800 096 3080. If you have general queries or you want more details Western Power Distribution energy support teams are available 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. The line covers customers from Midlands, South West and South Wales and even same-day assistance.

You can also use Western Power Distribution chat option on their contact us page. Whether you contact them during the day or night, the live chat is available 24 hrs, seven days a week.

Likewise, you can address your queries online. Fill in the general enquiry form with the correct details and submit your request. You can also request for WPD Customer Service Code of Practice.

Western Power Distribution Emergency Free Number 0800 678 3105

Western Power Distribution Emergency Free Number is 0800 678 3105. The line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Alternatively, you can call the National power cut number 105 to report Western Power Distribution emergencies.

Even if you think other might have reported the issues, use the WPD emergency number to confirm if they are aware of it. Those who prefer chats can use the live chats option any time of the day.

Western Power Distribution New Connections Free Number 0800 096 3080

Western Power Distribution Connections Free Number is  0800 096 3080. For any new connections enquiries, kindly contact the connection team using the above number. The line is available from Monday to Friday during the regular working hours. To ensure efficient service, Western Power Distribution has developed regional connection teams.

To ensure efficient service, Western Power Distribution has developed regional connection teams. To reach your regional new connections team, use the details provided below:


New Supplies, Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Toll End Road

South Wales

New Supplies, Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Phoenix Way
Swansea Enterprise Park

South West

New Supplies, Records Team
Western Power Distribution
Lostwithiel Road
PL31 1DE

Western Power Distribution Map Response Team 0121 623 9780

Western Power Distribution Map Response Team contact number is 0121 623 9780. If you are a contractor undertaking excavation, contact the support team you can apply for paper plans using the above contact number. However, if you are a contractor from another company, charges may apply.

Apart from the above WPD contact number, you can ask the Map response team to fax you the details. You can send your request using the Map Response Team fax number 0121 623 9223. For any other enquiries, concerns and requests, you can send an email to

If you prefer letter writing, send an email to:

Map Response Team, Western Power Distribution, Mapping Centre, Toll End Road, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 0HH

To have access to Small Scale Mapping for WPD, visit their development page.

Western Power Distribution News Centre Midlands 0133 282 7172

Western Power Distribution News Centre Midlands telephone number is 0133 282 7172. Are you looking for the latest news? Dial the phone number above and speak to a relation media support team. This number should be used by residents in the Midlands region.

Western Power Distribution Midlands fax number is 0115 876 7458.  In case you want to send your details for a new connection through the Fax, use the fax number. Alternatively, if you are in the Midlands region and want to join the Western Power Distribution, you can send a request via email to

Western Power Distribution News Centre South West 0117 933 2005

Western Power Distribution News Centre South West Phone Number is 0117 933 2005. Dial the regional phone number during the working hours. The line is available for press releases and community news.

Western Power Distribution South West fax number is 0120 889 2292. Use this fax number if you have queries about a new connection in the South West. In addition, if you want to share documents with your fax machine. Other queries, concerns or enquiries on new connections can be addressed via email to

Western Power Distribution News Centre South Wales 0163 362 8119

Western Power Distribution News Centre South Wales contact number is 0163 362 8119. If you are a member of the media or a journalist in South Wales, dial the number and request for an interview.  Press Office on weekdays Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm if they are need of press information from WPD as a company. In addition, you can use the Western Power Distribution News page for the latest news.

Western Power Distribution South Wales fax number is 0179 278 4510. WPD may ask you to send confidential documents via fax, thus hit the above number in the fax machine and a scanned document will be sent to the company. This fax number should be used during the regular working hours. Likewise, If you prefer to contact the South Wales team through email, send your request to

Western Power Distribution Complaints Free Number 0800 055 6833

Western Power Distribution complaints free number is 0800 055 6833. If you are not satisfied by the services provided by the WPD company, let the complaint department know and they will rectify the problem as soon as possible. This number is free to call between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays.

Additionally to this Western Power Distribution energy support number, you can use the WPD online complaint form. After you have submitted your complaints to the relevant department, the team will contact you within 1 working day.

If you have a stable internet connection, you can opt to send an email to

Complaints Department
Information Centre
Feeder Road

Western Power Distribution Feedback 0117 933 2081

Western Power Distribution feedback contact number is 0117 933 2081. If you feel that you would like to pass a comment or a suggestion, please dial the WPD Energy support number. Alternatively, you can use the Western Power Distribution feedback fax number 0117 933 2428. to send your comments. If you prefer, you can fill in an online feedback form and rate them regarding their performance.

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Information Centre Manager
Western Power Distribution
Feeder Road

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